SECRET SCOUT: 'Busy bee' Bate has talent to reach Chelsea's first team

SECRET SCOUT: ‘Busy bee’ Lewis Bate has the talent to follow Mason Mount and Billy Gilmour into Chelsea’s first team… but he must vary up corner routine to avoid becoming predictable

  • Lewis Bate is a real talent that is standing out right now in Chelsea’s academy
  • The 18-year-old midfielder draws similarities to Billy Gilmour and Mason Mount
  • Barring injury, Bate should go on to make the grade and enjoy a fine career 

Our scout is a top football expert who attends matches each week searching for the next star. He’ll bring you his verdict in Sportsmail.  


AGE: 18

CLUB: Chelsea

POSITION: Midfield

VALUE: £1million


This teenage midfield player looks as though he could follow the likes of Mason Mount and Billy Gilmour into the Chelsea first team.

He is a busy bee of a player who links up well with his team-mates and plays sharp, early passes.

He was rarely caught in possession when I saw him. If he did lose the ball, his determination to regain it was clear.

He has a lovely range and his left-footed corners were spot on. I liked the way he sees passes early when he commands the ball.

When confronted, he has the skills and strength (though he is small) to turn out and shield the ball. Bate never stops probing. His team-mates trust him and he receives the ball with a calm control. 

Quick to confront opponents, he seems to scuttle with short strides to make it difficult for the opposition midfielder to get his head up and pass.

Lewis Bate looks set to be the latest Chelsea academy star to make the grade in the first team

He was also a major factor in influencing his team’s press. That’s a sign of good coaching and understanding by the players. 

He is mainly left-footed, but can use his right too.


I mentioned his corners and they were accurate, but I just thought Bate should have varied them occasionally.

I did also consider that he might look to burst forward himself occasionally and have a shot. But he is essentially a provider and a very talented one at that.

He can see a reverse pass as well as the bread and butter simplicity. His athleticism gets him round the field and he has energy. 

Barring injury or bad luck, he seems destined for a fine career and maybe a loan move soon to give him experience. 

Bates is a fine player and should he avoid injury he looks set to enjoy a fine professional career

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